// singer // percussion


As one of the lead vocals for the Dusty Boots Band Pam enjoys sharing her talents,  both leading and harmonizing, with other vocalists in the band with the goal of blending sounds that are pleasing to the ear and fun for the crowd. Inspired by many musical genres Pam's true passion lies in the simple and soulful roots of country music. Pam's inspiration to sing and play music started early with Piano/organ lessons as a child  &  guitar lessons as an adult and finally a chance to sing through the Tom Lee Weekend Warriors program which opened a door that couldn't be shut. It provided a golden opportunity to play on stage at the coveted Yale Hotel Blues Bar in Vancouver and that sparked a fire that couldn't be put out (and it remains a professional highlight).  I am so happy to have found these talented guys to play with who share an interest in the multi-faceted sounds that make country what it is today. My hope is to continue to build our repertoire of country songs, both covers and originals, through many influences and sounds so that we will be entertaining for country music lovers of all ages.  In the words of Friedrich Nietzche "without music, life would be a mistake". 



// singer // guitar


Chris has been a fan of country music ever since he first heard George Strait sing "Marina del Ray" at a very young age. That was it! The die was cast.  Though he enjoys a wide variety of music genres, country music has always held a special place with it's compelling stories and vocal stylings. Honing his craft singing at local venues and as a professional square dance caller, Chris went on to win the Pacific National Exhibition talent search in Vancouver, BC and was a finalist at the Mid South Fair in Memphis, TN competing against other Fair winning contestants from across North America. Also a piano player, he continues to sing, record and write music while making his home in the heart of the Fraser Valley in Mission, BC.


// fiddle // singer


Rick was born into a musical family and heard music all around him from birth. By his teens Rick had won several prestigious competitions and scholarships, worked and studied with some great violinists and conductors, and become leader of several orchestras in the Greater Victoria area. During his time in the University of Victoria’s School of Music Rick’s fascination with different styles of music took root and he started playing violin/fiddle with various bands while also still performing with classical ensembles. Since then Rick has continued to perform violin/fiddle in many concerts and recordings. His love of music shows through whether he’s playing a country break in the Dusty Boots Band or a classical solo with the Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra


// bass // singer


Playing professionally from a ripe old age of 14 for a Country Western Band out of the Ottawa area. He became a member of the American Federation of Musicians, local 180, and headed for stardom, playing clubs and doing homework in the manager's office. A multi-instrumentalist formally trained on 14 instruments lead to a variety of stints with a 70 piece symphony, country bands, and founding/forming member of a 16 piece Jazz/Pop Big Band and a hard rock cover/original band that was popular in the southern Ontario scene and on Muchmusic. In the early 80's John's career ordered him out west where he performed with various artists and recording sessions. "I have been extremely fortunate, honoured, and grateful to have shared some pretty big stages with accomplished artists over the years.It's all about having fun, getting people involved, tapping their shoes, singing along, and filling the dance floor!"


// singer // guitar


As a young boy growing up in Calgary, Alberta Randy began his love for music the first time he heard Rock’n Roll music. His Mother worked for Capitol Records and would constantly be bringing home the latest records and 45’s from the days current bands and artists. Randy would play those records over and over on his Mom’s record player, the one he was definitely NOT allowed to touch. At seven years old he started taking some guitar lessons with several local guitar teachers around town until he was lucky enough to find Randy Ingram at the Royal Conservatory Of Music. He studied at the conservatory for four years under Mr. Ingram. Mr. Ingram doesn’t know it but he made a lasting impression on Randy that would solidify his passion for the guitar until today. In his teens Randy was lucky enough to be surrounded by a verity of very talented musicians, all of which were in his relative age group. He joined his first band at 17 after seeing his friends brothers band playing in a basement. Once he felt the rush of playing in a band that was it… a life long obsession with the guitar, music and song writing was set! In the 90’s Randy moved from Alberta to the West Coast where he opened up Bridgeport Rehearsal Studios in Richmond B.C., A well known rehearsal spot for local bands and musicians alike. Bridgeport Rehearsal Studios was well known with local musicians for the weekend marathon Jams that would run all night long.  Later he completely renovated the rehearsal spot and built Bridgeport Sound, a 16/24-track digital recording studio that would become his refuge and second home for the next few years. It is here where he would write, record and play music with the two original projects he was in, Sacred Ground and Arial 69, later to be know as Vicky’s Puppet. He took a break from music in 1998 that lasted until 2015. Randy never stopped song writing; he just wanted a break from the struggle to “make it” in the music business. In February 2015 he answered an ad for a guitar player where he auditioned and then become a member of The Dusty Boots Band. Country Music has always been in Randy’s blood and playing with The Dusty Boots Band is just what the doctor ordered!


// singer // guitar


Ed is a recent addition to the Dusty Boots line up and is a welcome one at that, now Randy is free to play more lead guitar thanks to Ed's rock solid rhythm playing , Ed also plays the mandolin on occasion and is a pretty darn good singer as well. Just released from Rock N Roll purgatory Ed is very happy to be free to express his opinions, goals and aspirations to his fellow Dusty Booters' without any fear of reprisals,  as it should be !! Ed has been a member of Award Winning Bands in the past, he works hard to make the music sound great and it shows through in his performances. He is a competitive Pistol Quick Draw athlete, pretty good Skeet Shooter and don't mess with him, you have been warned -  he has a Black Belt in just about EVERYTHING !!


// drummer //

JD, our latest addition to Dusty Boots, started playing drums at the age of 12 in St. Thomas Ontario, by the age of 14 he played his first professional gig with his Father Jazz pianist Dave Hoy and became his steady drummer.  JD played in an array of Rock, Country and Big Bands.  Touring around Ontario and Quebec until the age of 27.  John moved out to BC after falling in love with Vancouver having played on the big stage at Expo 86 years before.  Taking a hiatus for work/kids and family John returned to playing in 2008 joining acts like Heist, OS5 and later Black Ridge Choir.